The Playground Project

Missoula kids, along with their parents, supporters and friends, are working with Missoula Parks and Recreation to create a vision for a very special all-abilities playground. A play place for everyone, which invites many styles of play: physical, sensory, social, imaginative, creative and exploratory. A place accessible to parents and family members of all abilities. A place where every kid will find amazing things to discover and do.

The Playground Project is in the early stages. Your participation will help to form this vision, so that a budget can be developed and funds raised to create this special place.
What is our community’s vision for a place where we can all play together?

Take this survey and help us define what it means to celebrate all styles of play!

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Why We Need An All-Abilities Playground:

1. Play is critical for healthy physical, emotional and cognitive development.
2. More than 15% of school-age kids have a developmental disability or challenge.
3. Missoulians need a fun-for-all play place where all styles of play are celebrated.
4. Meeting new friends and playing together makes us all feel great!



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